Málaga airport transfer to Benahavis: fabulous experiences

Málaga airport transfer to Benahavis: Fabulous Experiences

Benahavis is a quaint little mountain village that can be found in the middle of Marbella, Ronda, and Estepona. Many people traveling to this area will hop onto our Málaga airport transfer to Benahavis, as it is the easiest way to travel to the area.
malaga-airport-transfer-to-benahavisOnce people arrive in the village, they will find that there is quite a bit to do and see. Everyone will want to walk to the Fuente del Moro, the Charca de los Novios, and he Charca de las Mozas. However, those are not as famous as the Montemayor Castle, which was built in the tenth century. Parts of the original walls of the castle are still standing, so people are able to see what remains of several rooms and one of the wells. The Daidin ruins and the parish church of our Lady of the Rosary are two other must-see attractions that visitors should have on their lists of things to do when they are in Benahavis.
The Torre de la Leonora Park is another great little space to spend an afternoon, especially with a picnic lunch. It can be found at the foot of the village, and people will love wandering around through the gardens as they look for the perfect spot to sit and relax. Two of the unique features inside the park are the little amphitheater and the old tower.

Golf & Nature

Golf lovers will enjoy the fact that Benahavis has a large number of golf courses, as well as the fact that that number is going to increase over the next few years. Our Málaga airport transfer to Benahavis service is perfect for carry your golf stuff. Since the weather is always beautiful in Benahavis, people can be seen out on the golf course at almost any time of the year. Since the area is in a mountainous region, the courses are all hilly, but that adds to the challenge of the game.


Of course, in addition to all the fabulous attractions, Benahavis is known for its extraordinary restaurants that serve delectable cuisine at any time of the day. Most of the restaurants can be found in the village center, and while many of them serve Spanish cuisine, it is possible for people to dine on Italian, Indian curry, French cuisine, and other delicious options. The portions are always large, and the atmosphere is always lively and enjoyable. After all, the locals take their food and their time eating with family very seriously. Almost as seriously as they take their afternoon siestas!
Benahavis is an amazing village that everyone will love visiting at any time of the year. It is filled with beauty, adventures, and history that no one will want to miss out on experiencing.

Málaga airport transfer to Benahavis

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