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Transfer2Málaga was born to be your favorite transfer company for all your Transfers Málaga needs in the Costa del Sol, since your arrival at the Málaga Airport, Málaga Train Station or Málaga Cruise Terminal.


We provide private Transfers Málaga services for your whole stay in the Costa del Sol. Our specialization in the area and all the years we have been working in this business give us all the options to provide the best possible services. This is the list:




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As you see our aim is to take care of all your necessities of Transfers Málaga, beginning with your arrival not only to the airport:
The Málaga Train Station is the second arrival point to the Costa del Sol. If you travel by the Spanish high velocity trains AVE, with quick connections to the mayor cities in the country (2,5 hrs to Madrid) we can arrange your transfer with our private services. Don´t worry: we will be waiting for you at the Málaga Train Station.
Málaga Cruise terminal is the second cruise terminal in the Iberian Peninsula after Barcelona. If your plan is arrive to Málaga by cruise of course we are able to arrange a private luxury transfer with the most modern and stylish car you may desire, just ask! We will be waiting for you at the Málaga Cruise Terminal.
Once you arrive to your destiny in the Costa del Sol the trip has just begun. We are used to drive people around in order to get the best leisure. We will drive you to the best entertainment if you come by holidays. To the best golf courses if you come to golf: this is the Costa del Golf and we have plenty of golfers who require our services so we know the best places to play golf. And to the best events hold in the Costa del Sol: going to Stalite? We know the best way to get there. Just the best Transfers Málaga.
You may come to a wedding or a special celebration: we can arrange transportation for the whole group. This is not a small thing: everything must be carefully controlled in order to provide a perfect service; in this special occasions nothing can be wrong at all.
You may come to participate in a Fair or a Conference: we provide the best Transfers Málaga services. Our fleet is quite large, but we also collaborate with other local providers in case your needs are too big for us. We will take care of all.
But we know that your trip must come to an end, and we´d love to be your final service provider in the area before you go back to your home. So our aim is that you trust again in our services for your return journey. We will drive you quickly and safely to the Airport, Málaga Train Station or Málaga Cruise Terminal.
All your Transfers Málaga services will be in the best hands.