Spring time in Costa del Sol

spring time in costa del sol

Spring Time in Costa del Sol


The warm sandy beaches of Costa del Sol are only part of the attraction of the region. Many people also travel to this Mediterranean oasis for the unique culture and traditions, the delicious cuisine, and the spectacular landscapes: enjot the Spring time in Costa del Sol.

There is no doubt that the biggest draw of Costa del Sol is the beaches, which is why everyone will want to spend their time at a few of these amazing pieces of paradise. Playa del Cañuelo offers solitude and fewer crowds, while Torremolinos is full of activity and people. It doesn’t matter which beach everyone decides to visit, as they are all considered first class in Costa del Sol, and they will all be sunny and warm.
While at the beaches, everyone will want to partake in some of the fabulous water sports. The options are endless and include diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, parasailing, and more. For a more low-key adventure, people can choose to take a boat out for a whale and dolphin spotting tour.

Málaga is just minutes from Costa del Sol, and it is a cultural destination that everyone must visit. Picasso was born in Málaga, and there are multiple attractions there that are dedicated to him. The Casa Natal, or birthplace of Picasso, can be found in the Plaza de la Merced and it is a fascinating way to see how his life was spent in the early years. The Museo Picasso is just a few minutes away from his birthplace in the Palacio de Buenavista. Inside, there are twelve halls of permanent exhibits including sketches, ceramics, and many of his classic works.
Marbella is another interesting place to visit with its picturesque Old Town. The ancient architecture fills the narrow cobblestone streets that seem to create a maze around the plazas and fountains. The most prominent plaza is Orange Square, which is full of orange trees and other fragrant tropical plants. As people walk through Old Town, they will find themselves stopping at little shops, galleries, chapels, and even a café or two.

Spring time in Costa del Sol: gastronomy

There are many different foods that people can try in Costa del Sol, but no one will want to leave without experiencing a taste of espetos. This regional cuisine consists of sardines placed on canes and roasted over a wood fire. They are then sprinkled with lemon before being eaten.
A vacation in Costa del Sol is practically time in paradise and everyone will enjoy themselves while they are there. The fun never ends, whether people are on the beach, at the museums, or spending time exploring another part of the region.
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