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Malaga is the fifth largest city in Spain, and one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.

The city of Malaga has a very special charm that any visitor can identify in a short walk. The culture, the traditions, the gastronomy, an enviable climate and the hospitality of its people serve to consolidate the image of the "city of paradise", the name used by the famous Spanish poet Vicente Aleixandre, Nobel Price of poetry and literature, in reference to the city.

Capital of the Costa del Sol, this city has quickly become a modern city during the last twenty years, however it knew how to preserve its essential character. Cosmopolitan, the city of Malaga has maintained its welcoming appearance despite the enormous influence of foreign tourism in the province that has had a noticeable effect on cities and towns along the coast.

What you have to see

Visitors to the city have to take time to stroll through the center and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the old Mediterranean port. The city council of Malaga has recently organized several works to renovate the city center while maintaining its traditional character intact. The commercial center of the city is Calle Larios, from which they start a labyrinth of narrow streets where trendy shops alternate with modern bars and charming squares.

Besides being a commercial city, there is also an enormously rich heritage of historical monuments, one of the oldest is the Roman amphitheater, built in the second century BC. It was discovered by chance during the second half of the last century because of the works of a building.

Between the mountains and the Roman amphitheater, you can see the Moorish palace, a fortress known as the Alcazaba. The Arab fortress was built from Roman ruins in the first half of the ninth century by Caliph Abd er Rahman I to defend against pirate assaults.
Entering the Christian era, one of the most important buildings in the city is the 16th-century Renaissance palace known as the Palacio de Bellavista, in a typical Andalusian style, with Mudejar decorated ceilings. Currently, this building is the Picasso museum.
The cathedral of Malaga is known by the popular name of "La Manquita", the little lady is a little unarmed, because of her second tower that was never finished.

In Málaga there are also other historic gardens such as the one in La Concepción, where guided tours are available, and El Retiro, which contains a unique ornithological collection. Malaga is an ideal place to ride a bicycle, as it is full of wide and flat avenues and several sea promenades.

The gastronomic offer of the restaurants in Malaga is delicious and world famous, so if you come to Malaga you can not miss a lunch or dinner in any of its typical restaurants.


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